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What is sex?

From American research it appears that people have different definitions of the concept of ‘sex’. See section News – what is sex? – 4 March 2010.

For Friends & Lovers this means that when questioning the target group the meaning of the words should be thoroughly questioned. Because: do the game coach and the participant understand each other when they talk about sex or unsafe sex? Do they mean the same things?

Questions and answers


What is the yellow colour of the dice used for? There is no set with yellow cards.


For which target group/age category is this suitcase made? For example:
- primary education

- secondary education
- special secondary education
- youth work
- teachers
- parents
- .......



We have indeed forgotten to write something about that in the manual. When you throw yellow with the dice you can either choose to throw it again, or the player gets to pick a colour of his choice and pick a card from that stack.

Next year we will introduce an addition to the method, the colour yellow will then be a new theme.

Friends & Lovers can be used for many target groups, because the illustrations are realistic and not childish. The method, associating on the drawings and telling your own story about it, can be used by everybody.

I’ve created the game method for people who have difficulty learning, but my experience is that because of the drawings in combination with the methods, it is extremely versatile. To name an example, I once created a game method for dementia (associating on drawings as well) and also played that game with- among others- students and professional trainers. It worked like a charm! The conversations really brought results and every now and then a tear was swept away. Some sexuality case managers and sexologists also use the method to start conversations about the themes with supervisors (how to handle client situations as a supporter). The drawings and the method of associating work for every target group!

However, there are a few things that are relevant for determining a target group.

  • The themes. Theme the Body (hygiene, how a body changes when you get older, buying clothes etcetera (see the list under ‘Themes’ on this website), might be less interesting for young people (without handicap).
  • The theme sexuality of course contains drawings of making love and intercourse. There are target groups that aren’t ready for that yet. But for all themes and drawings applies that the game leader, supervisor or whoever uses the game method, adjusts the themes to their target group and thus chooses the appropriate drawings.
  • The drawings are of adults, so no drawings of children, which would make the suitcase less suitable for primary schools, except maybe the last class of the primary school. So eventually, the themes and drawings determine the target group.