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Bureau Edubooks & Training

Wilco de Schouwer has been working as a training-developer in the service field for over twenty-five years. From that practical background, he has been developing educational tools for clients and teams since 1996, with a number of professionals, under the name Bureau Edubooks & Training.

Bureau Edubooks & Training develops, produces and publishes products under its own management as well as upon assignment. Among other things this involves course books, game materials, websites, software, films, workshops and training courses. Target groups among others are people with a physical or mental disability, students in (special) education and elderly in nursing and convalescent homes. Due to their gradual, methodical approach and visual effects, many of these products are also used for other target groups, such as in primary education and at ROC’s.

For more information about the mentioned educational products please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit www.edubooks.nl/.

Some examples of educational products:
  • 'Open de Cirkel',(Open the Circle) a dialogue game method for teams, in cooperation with Dichterbij and the Task group Handicap and Local Community (www.opendecirkel.nl/);
  • 'Meer te Vertellen', (More to Tell) a game method to improve right of say, in cooperation with the client congress of Reinaerde;
  • 'Laat je horen!', (Let yourself be heard!) Communication suitcase about the domains of Schalock, in cooperation with Reinaerde.
  • 'Handboek Onderling Sterk', (Handbook Mutually Strong) an information and practice map for interest groups, in cooperation with LFB Onderling Sterk;
  • The website www.steffie.nl/, substantive project leader, upon assignment of the Steffie foundation;
  • 'Aan het Werk', (At Work) a course book and DVD with 7 films about working, in cooperation with Cedris, JobStap and Breed;
  • Learning packages Safe Walking, Safe Cycling and the software program Safe Walking/Safe Cycling, in cooperation with the Regionaal Orgaan Verkeersveiligheid (Regional Safety Body) Gelderland and the Pluryn-Werkenrode Group (PWG);
  • Kiezen, Stemmen en Vertegenwoordigen, i.s.m. het Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek en de PWG;
  • 'Levenslijn', (Lifeline), a game method for dementia, in cooperation with Cerein and the Alzheimer foundation;
  • EuroWinkel, (Euro Shop) a game method about the euro, in cooperation with Rabobank Netherlands;
  • 'Take care of yourself, don’t smoke!', two course books about stopping smoking, in cooperation with Stivoro and the Pluryn-Werkenrode Group;
  • 'Lekker Oud Worden?!', (Enjoying becoming older?!) course book, cartoons, posters and DVD with 12 films for aging inhabitants, in cooperation with 's Heerenloo (issue fall 2012);
  • Game method ‘Wat Mensen Wensen’ (What people wish), in cooperation with Zorgbelang Drenthe and Zorgbelang Gelderland;
  • ‘Zoveel te Zeggen’, (So much to Say) a dialogue game method for clients, in cooperation with Dichterbij and the Cupertino foundation (issue september 2012).

Rutgers Nisso Groep

De Rutgers Nisso Group, sexuality knowledge centre, supports professionals in their work involving sexuality. De Rutgers Nisso Group performs research, develops education programs and has an information centre.


'MOVISIE works for and with the government, citizen initiatives, volunteers and professional organisations with the purpose to enhance the participation and self-reliance of citizens.'


MEE is for everyone with a handicap, disability or chronic disease. MEE is for people who – because of their disability- experience problems in their daily life, whereby they cannot completely participate in social life. MEE is for young and old, for those directly involved, but also for parents or caretakers.

's Heeren Loo

With its high quality support, 's Heeren Loo contributes to a meaningful existence of people with a mental disability. Respect, alliance, security and responsibility are leading values in that.


ISISZ stands for intimacy, sexuality, information and education in Healthcare. The ISISZ foundation is an initiative of parents and social workers in the care for people with a mental disability. From experience it has been established that parents, but many social workers as well, still have difficulty talking about building a relationship, sexuality and sexual abuse with people with a mental disability. In this field they are offered little help.


Teaching workplace MediaWerk ZetNet started as an initiative of the ZetNet foundation in November 2006. The teaching workshop executes media assignments within organisations and companies. Part of the employees are people with a mental disability who often develop themselves in the profession of media work. In cooperation with the ROC and Bureau Edubooks & Training, they are trained to certified assistant-media employee. The Teaching workshop is an acknowledged training company.


SICS stands for Steunpunt (Point of Support) Information and Coordination Sexuality. This is a support point of  's Heeren Loo, where clients and supervisors can pose questions about relationships, intimacy and sexuality.